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Ut Unum Sint :: That they may be One --- Jn 17:21
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OCT. 12 Seminar on building healthy relationship with ex members

Seminar on building healthy relationship with our ex members.  

The seminar which was together with our recollection began with adoration and confession afterwards the Holy Mass. At the Holy Mass, the officiating priest Fr. Dominic Ugwo, Cssp. Expressed his happiness at the congregation’s initiative and effort to build a healthy and cordial relationship with our former members. He also encouraged us to continue to build and maintain a healthy relationship among us as we cannot give what we do not have. Thereafter we began the seminar which was facilitated by one of our ex member in the person of Mrs. B.E. Arokoyo , postulant (1993-1994).

She began the seminar by expressing her joy of being in our midst. In her word ‘’never have I thought that a day like this would ever come when I would be standing in front of all of you’’.

The section ended with group work and photographs

Photos speak………

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