Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Ut Unum Sint :: That they may be One --- Jn 17:21
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Congregational Anthem


  1. O Sacred Heart of Jesus;
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                       Fount of mercy and love;

                       Make us authentic in our service;

                       Bearing authentic witness to You;

                       Fill our hearts this day with your love

                       O Sacred Heart;

                        Make our hearts like thine.


                     2. Be with us gentle Heart of Christ;

                      Let all who know us see;

                      Our motto is our beacon light;

                      To put all glooming thoughts to flight,

                       ‘Un Unum Sint’ ;

                        That they may be One;

                         O Sacred Heart;

                         Make our hearts like thine.


                      3. Smile upon all that is dear to us;

                          Smile on our Homes and Apostolate;

                          Smile on the days we are passing now;

                          Smile on the years to come;

                          Brighten our work and make glad our thoughts;

                          O Sacred Heart make our hearts like thine.


                         4. Keep us in all that is blest of God;

                             Give us the joy that endures;

                              Lips that have smiles and kind words for all;

                              Hearts that are kind and pure;

                              So will we be by night and day;

                               In Jesus; We are One.