Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Ut Unum Sint :: That they may be One --- Jn 17:21
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The inspiration for our zeal for education, especially the education of women, came primarily from our Founder’s (and ours too) the belief that the best gift one can give to anyone is to that person a holistic education. This includes training the person both in the path of the Lord, and in acquiring the skilled knowledge needed to become a productive member of the society. Our education mission includes active presence to the young people and directly and indirectly leading them to God. We take up the challenge to educate the womenfolk as the only way to liberate their minds and empower them to stand up for their rights and contribute to society building. We believe that no culture or civilization can stand except the womenfolk of that society have assumed their proper place in it.

SSH Education Project

One effective way to deal with the horrendous trade of trafficking in women and children for prostitution and child labor in Nigeria is the establishment of functional and value oriented education. Quality education is lacking especially in rural areas of Nigeria. Because of this the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus established schools in those areas considered as the prime recruiting centers for traffickers.

The Sacred Heart Schools are educational institutions established to provide value oriented education to children in rural villages. Most of the people in these areas are substituent farmers. Average income per year is about $720. The rest are petty traders. There are no industries and government infrastructures are lacking. Sacred Heart Schools serve children from pre-k to high school. We believe that giving our people value-oriented education will liberate them from the shackles of poverty and its consequences and prevent young children from falling prey to traffickers in human beings.

Vacation Activity Program

In order to reach out to children in public schools, SSH School project has a Vacation Activity Program (VAP) established to cater for children in public schools during the long vacation period. This program aims to give these children some moral education which is lacking from their public school learning, instruction in simple hygiene, coaching in mathematics, English and Religious knowledge. A hot lunch program is also included to boost the children’s nutritional intake.