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Ut Unum Sint :: That they may be One --- Jn 17:21
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Counter-Trafficking Projects



                                                            PATRON OF VICTIMS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING

Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery. Each year an estimated 800,000 people – largely women and children – fall victim to international traffickers. These innocent victims are forced into unpaid labor, debt bondage, coerced prostitution or sexual servitude. The trafficking of human beings is the second largest source of profit for international criminals. Available statistics show that there are over 20 thousand Nigerian young girls, as well as many from Eastern Europe in forced prostitution on the streets of Italy alone.

Human trafficking abuses and dehumanizes the dignity of the human person. His holiness, Pope Francis has restated again and again, that human trafficking is a crime against humanity, an open wound on the body of contemporary society, a scourge upon the body of Christ, an evil to be eradicated.

Our Congregation, therefore, actively engages in different activities to help combat this Cankerworm that has eaten deep into our society especially for the fact that we have as part of our apostolate to uplift the dignity of the human person, especially young girls and women; that is, working towards the upliftment of the dignity of the downtrodden womanhood.

There are two strategic pillars we use in addressing the issues of human trafficking and illegal migration.

  • Awareness Raising Campaign

This is aimed at educating young boys and girls, women and the general public about the huge reality of human trafficking and illegal migration, the techniques adopted by traffickers, the dangers and possible impact of irregular migration, as a consequence of either being smuggled or being a victim of trafficking in human beings. This campaign is done in local communities, churches, schools and market places.

Awareness raising in the UK.                                               A Parish outstation (Iyowa) in Benin City

  • Creation of some Livelihood Opportunities

The Congregation operates a Cottage Industry where we offer economic opportunity through activities such as vocational skill training programs that provides marketable skills to young women and men.

We also own an NGO called Fullness of Life Counseling and Development Initiative (FULIFE) with the aim of working with families, giving counselling to youths and children. It also provides Micro Credit facility to mothers and widow to enable them to make a living and it provides scholarship for indigent children.

Vocational Skills Taught at the Cottage Industry are

  1. Weaving of traditional African fabrics
  2. Sewing lesson
  3. Catering lesson
  4. Lesson on tie and dye (making of batik)
  5. Lesson on knitting
  6. Making of graphic designs
  7. Instructions on home management and simple hygien