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Ut Unum Sint :: That they may be One --- Jn 17:21
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Women Empowerment


Hope For Widows Association

- Organizes and empowers widows to be self-reliant,
- Assist them to educate and liberate themselves and other women by organizing them into groups that will be a strong voice to speak against the plight of widowhood and women in Nigeria.
- Provides self-reliant project and cooperative farming to widows for sustenance
- Traditionally women who lose their husbands, no matter at what age are made to go through some dehumanizing practices. Widows are made to sit on bare floors, eat with their left hands, and remain without bath, for about eight days after the death of their spouses. in most cases the wife are accused of killing their husband, and she is made to go through some rituals or suffer some torture for the man’s death. She is made to drink water used to wash the body of her dead husband as a proof of her innocence,
- If she has no male child, her condition is worst. She could be denied of the heritage of her husband’s property and left with nothing to take of her children.
- In the course of our ministry with these women, especially in rural villages, we felt the need to help to eliminate some of these oppressive practices. We have tried to do this through programs of enlightenment and adult literacy. We work to empower these women, especially widows to liberate themselves, teaching them their rights and obligations and enabling them to regain their human dignity. It is for this that the HOPE FOR WIDOWS ASSOCIATION was conceived.