Our Habit

One thing I ask of the Lord. This I long to dwell in the house of the Lord,
all the days of my life.

Our Habit

Our Unique Traditional Mode of Dressing


The habit forms only one aspect of our life as consecrated African women. Our Founder desired that our Congregation expressed some difference and this difference should exhibit itself in the spirit as well as in a constant manifestation of all that is good, true and beautiful in the Nigerian culture. With this in mind, we wear an indigenous dress one that adopts both the traditional Church concept and our own cultural concept of feminine dress.

The pattern of our Habit is a modified style from the regular buba and wrapper. It is a woven material; the top is a simple blouse with a round neck, sleeves reaching down a little below the elbow and the length reaching about midway of the hip while the wrapper is modified into a simple long wrap round skirt reaching from the waist to the ankle and with buttons at the waist band. This woven material is the official habit of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

A second habit is made of a different printed material but following the same pattern of style known as the work habit or alternative habit. This is worn at home, to work, while travelling and during unofficial occasions or duties. One essential value in our habit and dressing is that the Sisters dress decently and modestly at all times. The respect we have for our habit reflects the way we think, express and create our self-image.

Our mode of dress represents, upholds, and promotes what is best and beautiful in the Nigerian womanhood, consecrating it to the service of God and humankind as a whole. Our whole deportment is a witness to the sacred and what is religiously authentic in our culture.



Silver Jubilee & Perpetual Profession

Date: 2022-10-07 - 2022-12-31

Silver Jubilee & Perpetual Profession on Oct. 20th 2022 Venue: St. Gregory Catholic Church, Ekpoma Time: 10am

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logoThe Sacred Heart of Jesus serves as our Model and Inspiration; doing all out of love for the one that has called us- Christ. We uphold "Unity in diversity" As this is the nucleus of our Congregation. We are founded for this aim; to enhance the realization of Jesus' prayer "That they may be one" (In 17:21-22).

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